Melbourne Music Venue: Festival Hall

Address: 300 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003
Capacity: 1,741
Opened: 12 October 1956

Was formally known as West Melbourne Stadium and once held boxing and TV wrestling matches (which my Dad likes to remind me).

Before entry you might be lucky enough to get a pat down by a security guard, as they tend not to like people bringing in camera’s or recording devices, which often amuses me as you can get some great small camera’s and even phones do a excellent job in low light.

If you ever go in the general admission, is like a sweaty pit, people are rearing to go to see their favourite band.

Every gig I’ve been too here you can walk down the street to find someone selling bootleg t shirts (which I been a sucker for).

My first gig was The Presidents of The United States of America, back in 1996. Highlights have been seeing Devo, Eddy Current Suppression Ring supporting Devo, Pulp and TISM.

Festival Hall, 28/06/2020.
One entry to Festival Hall and Merchandise, 28/06/2020.
Ticket for Presidents of the United States of America, 26/07/1996.

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