February 2020 Highlights

PBS fm Drive Live, Thursday 6/02/2020.

Ice cold can of Mountain Goat Fancy Pants, while at Drive Live.

The Clowns performing live on air (in studio 5).

Outside PBS fm and Drive live poster.

Girla Tones (due), Tote front bar, 6/02/2020.

Still one of the classic beer, taste and design. In Barter Town, the Tote, 6/02/2020.

Heart Beach, Tote front bar, 6/02/2020.

Not the best beer ever, but the most economically priced beers at the Tote.

The Men’s urinal at The Tote, 6/02/2020.

My mate Mara showing off her New Pornographers album after their performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre. 20/02/2020.

You Legends at The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar, for Friday’s Knock Off!. 21/02/2020.

Fovndlings, The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar. 21/02/2020.

Slim Gritty playing on a Sunday at The Catfish. 21/02/2020.

Rocket Science, Tote Band room, support for 5678’s and Guitar Wolf. 27/02/2020.

5678’s, Tote Band room. 27/02/2020.

Guitar Wolf, Tote Band room. 27/02/2020

Cut Wire, playing at the Tote front bar. 27/02/2020.

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